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Welcome to your new favorite spot by the Boca Raton waterfront! We're a family here, and that includes you. From our hearts to your plate, we bring a mix of Eastern European and Uzbeki delights seasoned with the love and experience we've nurtured since our Juiceberry days.

At Beluga House, it's all about warmth, great food, and the joy of sharing. Every bite tells a story, and every visit feels like home. We're here to turn meals into memories with our family-owned touch and a dash of culinary magic.

So, pull up a chair, and let's make some memories together. Welcome to the family!
Сulinary Аrts
Welcome to an exquisite corner of gastronomy where the grandeur of Europe meets the flavors of America. Our menu is a tale of sophisticated contemporary culinary masterpieces crafted with a love for the art of cooking.
At Beluga House, every evening transforms into a unique event where luxury and sophistication converge in every glass. The enchanting atmosphere captivates, and the exquisite cocktails crafted by master mixologists become true works of art, transporting you into a world of taste and pleasure. The champagne, playing with light like a dance, adds sophistication to every moment, allowing you to savor the evening amidst the stylish opulence of Beluga House.

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